Unveiling P&C Toys' Innovation at Spielwarenmesse 2024

2024-02-18 18:01

In an exciting foray into the global toy market, P&C Toys recently exhibited their diverse array of products at the esteemed Spielwarenmesse 2024 held from January 30th to February 3rd, 2024, at the renowned Messezentrum Nürnberg in Nuremberg, Germany. Occupying Booth No. Hall 6, Stand A-36, P&C Toys presented a captivating showcase that highlighted their commitment to innovation and fun across multiple segments.

Bubble Fun

Bubble Fun – Soaring with the Bubble Rocket

The star of the show was undoubtedly Bubble Fun, with its captivating and novel product, the Bubble Rocket. Representing the pinnacle of bubble toy innovation, the Bubble Rocket took center stage, capturing the imagination of visitors with its unique design and mesmerizing bubble-blasting capabilities. Beyond this standout product, the booth featured an array of handheld bubble guns, animal-themed bubble machines, electric bubble blowers, and manual bubble guns in whimsical cartoon animal shapes, providing a comprehensive and entertaining experience for bubble enthusiasts of all ages.

Kool Speed

Kool Speed – Racing into the Future

Kool Speed, another key player in P&C Toys. With an official Red Bull license as well as many car brands license, the booth featured an impressive collection of authorized car models, along with a feature-rich remote-controlled car. This vehicle boasted features such as lighting, sound effects, an MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for playing music from mobile devices, and a 2.4GHz wireless remote control system. Kool Speed demonstrated its commitment to delivering not just toys but a thrilling experience for car enthusiasts of all ages.

Kiddy Go

Kiddy Go – Whimsical Adventures for Little Ones

Kiddy Go rolled out a charming array of cartoon-themed toys, including sound and light toy cars, cartoon remote-controlled vehicles, and cartoon robot companions. The booth created an immersive environment for young children, showcasing the brand's dedication to providing entertaining and educational toys that stimulate young minds. Kiddy Go's offerings at Spielwarenmesse 2024 were a testament to the brand's ability to blend playfulness with learning, creating products that captivate the imagination of the youngest members of our global community.

Bubble Fun

Big Harvest – Cultivating Creativity in the Toy Farm

Stepping into the realm of agriculture-inspired toys, Big Harvest presented a static collection of farm-themed toys. These toys not only captured the essence of rural life but also sparked creativity and imaginative play. From miniature tractors to lifelike farm animals, Big Harvest's static model playset provided a refreshing break from the dynamic world of electronic toys, emphasizing the enduring appeal of traditional play.

Kool Speed

Aqua Quest - Splashing into Fun

Aqua Quest made a splash with its diverse range of water guns and water cannons. From compact water pistols to powerful water cannons, the brand catered to water enthusiasts of all ages. The booth showcased Aqua Quest's commitment to quality and innovation in the water play segment, offering products that guarantee hours of refreshing fun, whether in the backyard pool or at the beach.

Kiddy Go


P&C Toys’ participation in the Spielwarenmesse 2024 proved to be a strategic move that reinforced its position as a leading innovator in the toy industry. By presenting a meticulously curated selection of products across the five sub-brands, P&C effectively tapped into current market trends and consumer preferences. The positive response received at the exhibition is testament to the brand’s ability to create toys that inspire joy, creativity, and learning, while keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of the international toy market.

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